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STRONGER TOGETHER!  December 1st PIU has joined in with Pacific Printing Industries (PPI) Association.

Brad Johnson, Chair of PIU worked with the staff of PPI to send out the following letter to the greater PIU Membership: 

November 27, 2017 -- Happy Holidays from Printing Industries of Utah -  

I wanted to write a quick message of hope and excitement, mirroring the sentiments of this festive time of year. 2017 has been an incredible year for our organization. We have added several new members and for the first time in over a decade hosted the Chairman of the Board and President of Printing Industries of America. This year we joined the amazing interstate PrintROCKS competition, and performed very well! On the advocacy front, we held negotiations with the Department of Environmental Quality about new regulations for our state and industry. This resulted in a grant from the state of Utah for education/training on local policy changes to be held in 2018 for you our members.

In this era of right-sizing, we have looked hard at how we can support efforts of the Printing Industries of Utah to continue to be on the leading edge in our industry. As a board, we have chosen to make a change to our organization that will enhance our growth and propel us forward into the next decade. As of Friday December 1, Printing Industries of Utah will merge with Pacific Printing Industries (PPI), a PIA affiliate much like PIU that spans 6 states and has over 200 members.

Going forward, PPI will be handling the day to day business operations of PIU. We will still have a local presence and expanded local service opportunities through a regional advisory committee to support our state-specific projects. Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks. I would like to thank our amazing affiliate manager, Alisha Hill for her efforts since 2016 as well as all current and past board members for their service over the last 70 years. In addition, we would not be here today without the tireless volunteer efforts of many dedicated people.

In the short-term you will enjoy the same incredible list of benefits below as well as immediate access to many additional resource partners through PPI.

  • The ILearning digital library \
  • Legal/technical assistance and advice
  • Ratios and wage and benefits surveys
  • Discount and benefit programs
  • Our voice on Capitol Hill

In the long term, this change will be a huge benefit to our members here in Utah. It will allow us to expand our circle of influence across multiple state lines and build national relationships that will benefit our businesses. This merger will allow us to serve our local communities and foster regional growth within the printing industry. You will be contacted by the staff of PPI in the coming week to verify your information and answer any initial questions you may have. They are excited to add value to your membership and can’t wait to start serving your company and employees. Any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to myself or Jules Van Sant, Executive Director of PPI at 503-221-3944 | 877-762-7742 or

Wishing you the best this holiday season, - 

Brad Johnson | Chair, Printing Industry of Utah | LDS Church Printing Division